What's to come in 2018?

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A quick introduction to myself before I get into the blog. Hi there, my name’s Drew and I created Scribbleship early last year in hope to create the world’s fairest online platform for independent artists. Being an online artists/animator myself has given me enough insight into the art world to understand the sheer amount of work artists from around the world put into their craft. I have met a lot of artists in the past and I can tell you the one thing that drives all of them is passion, it has to be passion because the financial rewards for such a job are usually not worth the time and effort put in. I know that Scribbleship will not act as a sole income for most artists, but I do know that every little helps and if Scribbleship can become another revenue stream for hustling artists then I think that is what it is all about. A note to all aspiring artist: keep on hustling, keep on working and most importantly do it because you love it!

Finding our identity

After our launch in 2017 Scribbleship has been constantly evolving as we moved towards finding our feet in an already saturated market. Our core values however have never changed, our mission is to create the worlds fairest online platform for independent artists and after a lot of tweaking I believe we have come to a system that I believe will be the key to Scribbleship's success. So what’s different about Scribbleship in comparison to the likes of ‘Society6’ & ‘Redbubble’? Well, Unlike our competitors all our artists are filtered by us to ensure that no copycats reap the rewards from others work and to ensure all of Scribbleship work is of the highest quality. If you are interested in becoming a member of our growing community then check out our sign up page here. Besides the selection process, Scribbleship also strives to pay more than all of our competitors, we don’t use complicated formulas to work out your earnings, all you have to do it to work out 15% of the sale price and that’s it.

What have we achieved in 2017?

A year ago today there was no 'Scribbleship'. Within the space of a year we have managed to build a website and brand from the ground up, with zero financial support and against corporate giants. If that is not something to be proud of then I don't know what is. We have added over 350 products to our website using 50+ independent artist's designs from around the world, and with every day that goes by we march closer to our goal of having the worlds fairest online platform for independent artists to get the financial rewards they deserve for their awesome work.

What’s to come?

Oh boy, I will only summarise or else this blog post would be too long and I’m pretty sure I would lose the few that have to manage to make it this far.

  • Let’s begin with more artists, we want to double if not treble our portfolio of talented artists from around the world. I’ll say it again, if you (or anyone you know) would like to sign up to become one of our exclusive artists then please feel free to apply here.
  • We want to expand our product portfolio by offering coasters, totes, sticky notes & much more! New products are expected to be released throughout the year, to keep up to date feel free to follow our newsletter.
  • On top of new products, we are also setting up a bi-annual design competition with bigger & better prizes. If you want to stay up to date with that then feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.
  • We plan on sending out 2 monthly newsletters (one for artist news & one for customers) this should be implemented within the next couple of months.
  • We are also changing the name over to 'Scribbleship' instead of 'Scribble Ship' after I conducted a recent poll with our current artists.

These are just a couple of ideas we are looking to implement in 2018, I would love to hear your ideas, please feel free to leave a comment on what you would like to see implemented this year in the comment section below.

I would like to thank all of the supporters of Scribbleship and a special thank you to all the artists who have put their faith in Scribbleship, knowing full well we are only a drop in the ocean in comparison to our competitors. I would personally like to wish everybody a happy New Year, let’s make 2018 a year to remember.

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