Top 3 tips to help you become a better artist

How to become a better artist

If you’re an artist, you always want to step up your game and better improve your skills. This is a natural goal to strive towards and the best part is that you can indeed become a better artist but it takes time. With that in mind, we created a list of tips to help you improve your drawing skills and your craft. Here are some of the best ideas you can use to become a better artist.

Start drawing each day

It can take months to form a new habit. That being said, you can start drawing on a daily basis today even if you are just doing a little sketch as long as your regularly drawing you will become more confident with your skills over time. The idea is to create a habit from drawing each day because you will feel more confident in pushing your limits and improving your technique. After you refine your skills over time you will see a difference in your drawings as the days roll by. If you’re not seeing any progress then you are not pushing yourself to be creative, push yourself to draw things you have never attempted and learn from your mistakes. After 100 days of solid drawing you will have a timeline of art, don’t be afraid to showcase the garbage, without mistakes you will never succeed in becoming a better artist. Keep your awful sketches and in the next 100 days retry the ones you dislike and compare, if you’re still not satisfied with the sketch then TRY AGAIN.

Tip: when trying to redo bad sketches give yourself some time to forget about the sketch, refresh your mind and work on something else, coming back to it on a later date will help you look at the drawing from another angle and should help you not make the same mistakes.

But you don’t have to start drawing the same thing each day. Create sketches for various things; you can use apps like Adobe Sketch, Sketchbook and others to draw anything you want. And while there, try to start reading instruction books about drawing too. Every artist wants to know all the latest trends and features, so you should take this into consideration.

Use technology to your advantage

Making sure that you harness technology is a very important aspect here, and it can indeed help you a lot. There are tons of sites like Figurosity for example that allows you to learn more about the human form, choose a position and being sketching. The more you draw, the more you will learn about your craft it’s simple.

You can also find tutorials on sites like Udemy where there are tons of course and resource for you to benefit from. By learning from others can be a great way to avoid the same mistakes they have endured, and with the power of the internet on your side, information is everywhere, you just need to go and find it.

Other ways to use technology to your advantage is:

  • YouTube tutorials
  • Use google images to visually see what you want to draw
  • eBooks
  • Connect with other creators to share, critique and learn from each other

Fun tip: Find your favourite artists on your social media of choice and look at their style, challenge yourself and try to draw something in their style, then repeat the same drawing in another style and compare.

One thing is certain, technology is on your side when it comes to bettering your art, you just need to know how to use it.

Explore the world and start drawing what you see

This is something that every artist should do to further improve their skills. Go outside and draw; your neighbour’s dog? Sketch it. A coffee house? Draw it. A cloud? Do it. You get the point. Remember just because you are looking at something for reference doesn’t mean you must draw a ‘realistic drawing’ you can do your own take of your reference in your own style. So go outside and live a little, being stuck in a room is not that great for your brain. Take a walk and let the inspiration come to you.

It’s not hard to improve your drawing skills. With focus, dedication and hard work, you can indeed become a better artist. Take your time, avoid rushing and remember that being an artist is a journey and a really exciting one. At the end of the day, drawing is a passion and a journey so don’t be held back by fearing failure. Pick up a pen, relax and enjoy the journey.

Have any more tips and tricks for upcoming artists? Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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